Before School 7:15-8:50 AM
After School: 4:15 – 5:40 PM
Director: Brian Haley


District rates for enrollment:

Weekly Tuition Schedule  (Grades 1 – 5)
# of Days Before Only After Only Both
5 $62 $56 $99
4 $54 $48 $87
3 $43 $39 $71
2 $33 $29 $51
1 $19 $17 $33
Weekly Tuition Schedule  (PreK/Kindergarten)
# of Days Before Only After Only Both
5 $67 $61 $104
4 $58 $52 $91
3 $46 $42 $74
2 $35 $31 $53
1 $20 $18 $34

***Enrolling Pre-K students for 21′-22′ requires an enrolled sibling that is in 3rd through 5th grade. 

Information about Tuition Policies for Late Start Before/After Care ProgramsPAY FEES HERE


The Edmond before/after care programs run in conjunction with the Edmond Public Schools academic calendar. Programs will be closed during all scheduled breaks (i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, snow days, etc.)


Tuition is calculated for the scheduled days and times for which your child is enrolled.  Refunds and/or reductions will not be made for illnesses, absences, and other activities.


Payment may be made with check, cash, or credit/debit card (online). Nonpayment can result in the loss of your child’s spot in the before/after care program.


Payment records are available at: (view fees due, make credit/debit card payments, print receipts, print tax information) or upon request.


In the event school is closed due to a holiday, snow day, etc., you will not be charged for that day. For example, if your child is enrolled five days and school is only open four days, you will be charged the four-day rate on the payment scale. Any credit due for a cancelled school day (such as a snow day) will be reflected in the following month’s statement.


A late fee of $1.00 per minute will be charged for any child remaining after the Before/After Care program closes for the day at 6:00 pm.


Tuition is calculated on a weekly basis running Monday through Friday.  The weekly tuition schedules below show the amounts charged for the three categories:  before care only, after care only, and both (before and after care).   Your child’s tuition amount is then calculated based on how many days your child is enrolled to attend each week.


For example:

A child enrolled all five days for both before and after care would normally be charged $92 every week.  However, if school is only in session Tuesday through Friday of a particular week, the tuition would be the four day rate of $77 since care is only offered four days that week.


Oftentimes, the school year begins in the middle of the week.  Therefore, the number of days of school in the first week will determine the rate charged.  If school begins on Wednesday, a child enrolled for all five days (both before and after) would only be charged the three day rate of $62 (instead of the five day rate of $92) since the program is only open Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of that initial week.


If a child is discontinuing enrollment and a refund for a partial week attended is necessary, the following procedure will be followed.  The amount paid for that week will have the attended day rate subtracted from it.  For example, if five days were paid ($92) but the child only attended three days ($62), then the family would be refunded $30.  ($92—$62 = $30)


Please visit with the before/after care director if you have any questions or need further clarification.



Normally, if a child is absent for any reason, tuition is due based on the attendance plan in which the child was originally enrolled.  This year, due to covid quarantining requirements, you will not be charged for the days that your child is required to quarantine or is required to be learning from home in the “brick to click” model.  Make sure to communicate with a b/a care director so tuition can be adjusted and the absence is known in a timely manner.