Before School

  • School doors (Main Entrance) open at 8:20am.  Please do not drop-off students before 8:20am as there is no supervision at this time.
  • Anyone wanting to enter the school MUST CHECK-IN at the Lobby Guard in the Main Office- Photo ID required!
  • Visitors are NOT PERMITTED to enter the building through any other door.
  • After 8:50am, students are tardy and a parent/guardian must accompany the student to the Main Office to sign-him/her in.
  • The car rider drop-off point is in front of the main entrance off of Rankin Street.  The flow of traffic runs North to South.
  • The Pre-K drop-off point and Day Care Bus drop-off point is to the South of the school off of 29th Street.  The flow of traffic is East to West.

PM Pick-up

  • The Dismissal Bell is 3:40pm.
  • Students are dismissed at staggered times to avoid congested hallways.  Students are released in the following order:
  1. Car-riders (These students are loaded in your car as you wait.  For safety reasons, please do not walk up to the door to pick up your child) and Day Care
  2. Walkers (these students walk out the front door, meet a grown up, and go home by any means)
  3. Bus-riders and After-care
  • For safety reasons, parents are not allowed to wait in the lobby for students.