Jennifer Hess (405-726-3703) and Robyn Hays (405-726-3712)

Orvis Risner School Counselors

Orvis Risner is committed to providing activities, interventions, and services that assist students to achieve their maximum personal development as respectful, responsible, and safe individuals and members of our learning community.

An Elementary School Counselor Helps…

-Students develop a better understanding and acceptance of themselves.

-Students develop effective academic and learning skills.

-Students cope with family changes.

-Students develop decision making and problem-solving skills.

-Students develop socially and emotionally to mature in their relations with others.

-Parents understand their child’s emotions, behaviors, and learning styles to assist them in meeting their child’s needs.

-Parents and teachers create a positive learning environment.

-Teachers and administrators understand and meet the needs of all students in academic, personal, social, and emotional areas of development.

-Community members establish a positive relationship with the school.

-Connect students and parents to community resources.


·         Spending time in classrooms with teachers and students.

·         Facilitating small group social skills/life skills mini-lessons when needed.

·         Collaborating and consulting with teachers and parents.

·         Supporting students in times of struggle.

·         Sharing developmentally appropriate resources, strategies, and interventions.

·         Scheduling programs/assemblies addressing bullying, friendship, feelings, careers, and making safe choices.

·  Teaching whole group Guidance during Eagle Time classes

  The Elementary School Counseling Program is for Everyone!

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