School History

Orvis Risner Elementary was constructed in 1962 at a cost of $252,000 (including the land). Originally named Southern Hills Elementary, members of the Board of Education voted to rename the school to honor the memory of Orvis Risner. The land the school is located on was once part of the Risner farm.

Orvis Rinser was born in June of 1911 in Thayer, Missouri. Orvis, his wife and their two children moved to Oklahoma and eventually settled in Edmond in 1949. Orvis was a businessman and member of the Edmond Board of Education.

The school opened in the fall of 1962 with twelve classrooms and a total enrollment of 355 students in grades one through six. The school colors have always been blue and gold, but the original emblem/mascot, the “sturdy oak,” was changed to an eagle (named Rankin- the street that runs north-south on the east side of the school).

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Orvis Risner Elementary School to foster citizenship, leadership and scholarship in a safe and positive environment


The Vision of Orvis Risner Elementary School is to provide an inviting and caring environment. Orvis Risner sets high standards of learning and celebrates the achievements of each child. We value the partnership which exists between school, parents and community and the part each member plays in realizing this vision.


Orvis Risner Eagles’ Daily Expectations

                                                  E – Eagles are excited about learning

                                                  A – Eagles accept one another

                                                  G- Eagles are generous with one another

                                                   L- Eagles listen when others are speaking

                                                   E- Eagles encourage one another.

                                                   S- Eagles help keep our school safe.

Orvis Risner Eagles always soar to the highest heights!

5 students showing what they built

School Spirit

School Colors:
Blue and Gold

School Mascot:

School Song:
You’re A Grand Old Flag